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A Few Typical Cures
How Suggestion Works
How To Teach Patients To Make Autosuggestions
Method Of Procedure In Curative Suggestion
Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion
Suggestion And Autosuggestion
The Conscious Self And The Unconscious Self
The Superiority Of This Method
The Use Of Autosuggestion
The Use Of Suggestion For The Cure Of Moral Ailments And Taints Either Congenital Or Acquired
Will And Imagination

Method Of Procedure In Curative Suggestion

When the subject has passed through the preceding experiments and
has understood them, he is ripe for curative suggestion. He is like a
cultivated field in which the seed can germinate and develop,
whereas before it was but rough earth in which it would have

Whatever ailment the subject suffers from, whether it is physical or
mental, it is important to proceed always in the same way, and to use
the same words with a few variations according to the case.

Say to the subject: Sit down and close your eyes. I am not going to
try and put you to sleep as it is quite unnecessary. I ask you to close
your eyes simply in order that your attention may not be distracted
by the objects around you. Now tell yourself that every word I say is
going to fix itself in your mind, and be printed, engraved, and
encrusted in it, that, there, it is going to stay fixed, imprinted, and
encrusted, and that without your will or knowledge, in fact perfectly
unconsciously on your part, you yourself and your whole organism
are going to obey. In the first place I say that every day, three times
a day, in the morning, at midday, and in the evening, at the usual
meal times, you will feel hungry, that is to say, you will experience
the agreeable sensation which makes you think and say: "Oh! how
nice it will be to have something to eat!" You will then eat and enjoy
your food, without of course overeating. You will also be careful to
masticate it properly so as to transform it into a sort of soft paste
before swallowing it. In these conditions you will digest it properly,
and so feel no discomfort, inconvenience, or pain of any kind either
in the stomach or intestines. You will assimilate what you eat and
your organism will make use of it to make blood, muscle, strength
and energy, in a word: Life.

Since you will have digested your food properly, the function of
excretion will be normal, and every morning, on rising, you will feel
the need of evacuating the bowels, and without ever being obliged to
take medicine or to use any artifice, you will obtain a normal and
satisfactory result.

Further, every night from the time you wish to go to sleep till the
time you wish to wake next morning, you will sleep deeply, calmly,
and quietly, without nightmares, and on waking you will feel
perfectly well, cheerful, and active.

Likewise, if you occasionally suffer from depression, if you are
gloomy and prone to worry and look on the dark side of things, from
now onwards you will cease to do so, and, instead of worrying and
being depressed and looking on the dark side of things, you are
going to feel perfectly cheerful, possibly without any special reason
for it, just as you used to feel depressed for no particular reason. I
say further still, that even if you have real reason to be worried and
depressed you are not going to be so.

If you are also subject to occasional fits of impatience or ill-temper
you will cease to have them: on the contrary you will be always
patient and master of yourself, and the things which worried,
annoyed, or irritated you, will henceforth leave you absolutely
indifferent and perfectly calm.

If you are sometimes attacked, pursued, haunted, by bad and
unwholesome ideas, by apprehensions, fears, aversions, temptations,
or grudges against other people, all that will be gradually lost sight
of by your imagination, and will melt away and lose itself as though
in a distant cloud where it will finally disappear completely. As a
dream vanishes when we wake, so will all these vain images

To this I add that all your organs are performing their functions
properly. The heart beats in a normal way and the circulation of the
blood takes place as it should; the lungs are carrying out their
functions, as also the stomach, the intestines, the liver, the biliary
duct, the kidneys and the bladder. If at the present moment any of
them is acting abnormally, that abnormality is becoming less every
day, so that quite soon it will have vanished completely, and the
organ will have recovered its normal function. Further, if there
should be any lesions in any of these organs, they will get better
from day to day and will soon be entirely healed. (With regard to
this, I may say that it is not necessary to know which organ is
affected for it to be cured. Under the influence of the autosuggestion
"Every day, in every respect, I am getting better and better", the
unconscious acts upon the organ which it can pick out itself.)

I must also add--and it is extremely important--that if up to the
present you have lacked confidence in yourself, I tell you that this
self-distrust will disappear little by little and give place to
self-confidence, based on the knowledge of this force of incalculable
power which is in each one of us. It is absolutely necessary for every
human being to have this confidence. Without it one can accomplish
nothing, with it one can accomplish whatever one likes, (within
reason, of course). You are then going to have confidence in
yourself, and this confidence gives you the assurance that you are
capable of accomplishing perfectly well whatever you wish to do,
--on condition that it is reasonable,--and whatever it is your duty to

So when you wish to do something reasonable, or when you have a
duty to perform, always think that it is easy, and make the words
difficult, impossible, I cannot, it is stronger than I, I cannot prevent
myself from. . . , disappear from your vocabulary; they are not
English. What is English is: "It is easy and I can ". By considering
the thing easy it becomes so for you, although it might seem difficult
to others. You will do it quickly and well, and without fatigue,
because you do it without effort, whereas if you had considered it as
difficult or impossible it would have become so for you, simply
because you would have thought it so.

To these general suggestions which will perhaps seem long and even
childish to some of you, but which are necessary, must be added
those which apply to the particular case of the patient you are
dealing with.

All these suggestions must be made in a monotonous and soothing
voice (always emphasizing the essential words), which although it
does not actually send the subject to sleep, at least makes him feel
drowsy, and think of nothing in particular.

When you have come to the end of the series of suggestions you
address the subject in these terms: "In short, I mean that from every
point of view, physical as well as mental, you are going to enjoy
excellent health, better health than that you have been able to enjoy
up to the present. Now I am going to count three, and when I say
'Three', you will open your eyes and come out of the passive state
in which you are now. You will come out of it quite naturally,
without feeling in the least drowsy or tired, on the contrary, you will
feel strong, vigorous, alert, active, full of life; further still, you will
feel very cheerful and fit in every way. 'ONE--TWO--THREE--' At
the word 'three' the subject opens his eyes, always with a smile and
an expression of well-being and contentment on his face."

Sometimes,--though rarely,--the patient is cured on the spot; at other
times, and this is more generally the case, he finds himself relieved,
his pain or his depression has partially or totally disappeared, though
only for a certain lapse of time.

In every case it is necessary to renew the suggestions more or less
frequently according to your subject, being careful always to space
them out at longer and longer intervals, according to the progress
obtained until they are no longer necessary,--that is to say when the
cure is complete.

Before sending away your patient, you must tell him that he carries
within him the instrument by which he can cure himself, and that
you are, as it were, only a professor teaching him to use this
instrument, and that he must help you in your task. Thus, every
morning before rising, and every night on getting into bed, he must
shut his eyes and in thought transport himself into your presence,
and then repeat twenty times consecutively in a monotonous voice,
counting by means of a string with twenty knots in it, this little

AND BETTER." In his mind he should emphasize the words "in
every respect" which applies to every need, mental or physical.
This general suggestion is more efficacious than special ones.

Thus it is easy to realize the part played by the giver of the
suggestions. He is not a master who gives orders, but a friend, a
guide, who leads the patient step by step on the road to health. As all
the suggestions are given in the interest of the patient, the
unconscious of the latter asks nothing better than to assimilate them
and transform them into autosuggestions. When this has been done,
the cure is obtained more or less rapidly according to circumstances.

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